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Welcome to my wiki:

Welcome to my website:

Im George, i am a breeder, hand rearer and trainer of parrots and have many years experience with macaws, cockatoos and african greys. please dont hesitate to get in touch should you be considering a bird or if you have a problem you would like advice on. Poppy is my greenwing macaw, here you can see how she develops and learns new things, Poppy can fly and i spent hours on recall training with her , fortunately poppy prefers to walk or be carried :)

Tia is my African Grey she is 11 yrs old , i hand reared her for a breeder friend. She went to a lovely family from wallsall, west midlands. Unfortunately due to one of the family developing an alergy they had to part with her. I took her back and to my surprise she seemed to recognise me, she is exceptionally loving towards me and enjoys being handled and having cuddles :) Tia's website

Check my blog and forum to see videos, pictures and much more

this is where i will show all the codes and scripts i use on my websites, not much here yet as its a new project but i will add more, If you would like to contribute then just email me and i will grant you access. George

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