this server

I thought I would share with you how I set up my home server, for next to nothing.
Do you have on old pc (preferably a 64 bit machine) if not you can get hold of one cheaply probably one running windows 7 .
As long as it has some ram and and decent size hard drive you are good to go,
Get a blank dvd disk and visit, from the downloads page download the current stable version of blueonyx and burn it to you blank dvd,
Take your newly burned disk and place it in you spare pc, for the install you will need mouse keyboard and a monitor , all but keyboard can be removed after unless you wish to keep them connected.
Boot the pc from the dvd and follow the simple instructions,
You will need to know your local ip address, your netmask, your routers ip address during the install, they are probably similar to this
Ip address
Dns server
at the end of the install you will be told you can now log into your server
Using your tablet or phone or another pc you can login using admin as user and blueonyx as password at this point you can set you own password, once you have done this you can create your first website.
You can for a reasonable price purchase a domain name and point this domain to your ip address or use to get a free domain name .
Blueonyx also allows you to run your website on ssl using let’s encrypt for a free certificate. Very easy to do. Once you have created a domain you can use a free ftp program to upload something like flatpress and create you own website, let me know if you do or need some help

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